Mikes Tire Shop - Automatic Tire Chains.

Mikes Tire Shop

mikes tire shop

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The real thing

The real thing

The customer was very pleased with Mad Mike's vision. He decide to go with it but, since he was getting a little tired he just got the outline but will be back for the shading soon.Stay tuned...
Tattoos by Mad Mike Porter ; he does freehand, portraits, cover-ups and anything you could ever imagine; check out our shop Eights and Aces Tattoo Parlor and Airbrush in Adamsville, TN

H1 Rewire

H1 Rewire

Mike and Kyle help to rewire a bad lighting / race radio installation by relocating the relays and wiring to under the hood instead of drawing power from the engine CPU. Afterwards all the wiring was rebundled and cleaned up.

mikes tire shop

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