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da tire shop

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Acid attack site

Acid attack site

By Neou Vannarin
and Katie Nelson
The Cambodia Daily
Ngor Srun, a CPP secretary of state at the Council of Ministers, was the victim of an acid attack Sunday morning, according to a Phnom Penh police official and Calmette Hospital staff.
The attack occurred in Prampi Makara district Sunday, said Chamkar Mon district police chief Uch Sophon. He confirmed that Ngor Srun was the victim, but said he had no further details on the attack.
Prampi Makara district police officials could not be reached for comment Sunday evening.
Staff at Calmette Hospital, who declined to give their names, said Sunday that Ngor Srun arrived at the hospital at around 11 am with acid burns on the left side of his face, ear and chest. His wounds were washed, treated and bandaged in the emergency room over the course of about two hours, one staffer said.
"The patient's symptoms seem fine," the staffer said. "But with an acid attack, it is hard to predict."
About 1 pm, Ngor Srun was moved to a private room on the third floor of the hospital's Building A for General Medicine. There, about a half-dozen bodyguards lingered outside, and a bodyguard stood watch in front of his room.
About a ten friends and family members gathered inside Ngor Srun's room Sunday afternoon. They declined to comment about the severity of the injuries or identify themselves as anything more than family members.
"This is a family problem," one man said. "I want to keep it a secret."
Another Calmette Hospital staffer said the family contacted a doctor in Thailand and intends to transport Ngor Srun there for treatment.
"He will be moved to Thailand this evening," the worker said Sunday. "His family already made preparations for him."
Details of the attack remained unclear Sunday evening. Municipal police chief Touch Naruth said Sunday afternoon that he had received no word of the attack from his subordinates, and Interior Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Khieu Sopheak said he too was unaware of the attack.
Kek Galabru, president of the local rights group Licadho, said updated statistics on the number of acid attacks were not available Sunday, but that previous Licadho investigations have shown that roughly the same number of women as men are victims of acid attacks in Cambodia.

By Neou Vannarin
and Katie Nelson
The Cambodia Daily
Phnom Penh municipal police said Monday they are investigating, but have little information on Sunday's acid attack against Ngor Srun, a CPP secretary of state at the Council of Ministers.
Municipal police chief Touch Naruth said his department is on the case, but officers have little to go on.
"We don't have a filed complaint and clarification on what happened from the victim or his family," he said.
"How can we call to [Ngor Srun]? He is a secretary of state," Touch Naruth said.
Police interviewed people in Prampi Makara district's Monorom commune where the incident took place, but were unable to find anyone who witnessed the attack, he added.
However, several staff members at Thmar Da garage on Kampuchea Krom Boulevard said Monday that Ngor Srun, who is a son-in-law of Senate and CPP President Chea Sim, was sprayed with acid Sunday while he was at their shop.
Ngor Srun arrived at Thmar Da about 10:45 am accompanied by a bodyguard, said a 19-year-old garage employee who declined to give his name. The politician had been waiting for workers to check the tires on his Lexus SUV when the attack happened, he said.
"I did not see it happen. I did not see who did it," the male garage employee said. "I just saw the victim run inside the [garage] house and say, 'Help me! Help me!' and he poured water on his head."
Ngor Srun was rushed to Calmette Hospital, where he was treated for acid burns on the left side of his face, ear and chest, according to emergency room staff. Doctors at Calmette said Monday that Ngor Srun's condition was not serious, and that he was no longer under their care.
According to Council of Ministers Secretary of State Prak Sokhon, Ngor Srun is receiving treatment at a hospital in Bangkok.
"I just got the news of the acid attack this morning," he said Monday.
Prak Sokhon said that Ngor Srun is in charge of local affairs for the Council of Ministers, but declined to elaborate.

By Neou Vannarin
and Katie Nelson
The Cambodia Daily
Council of Ministers Secretary of State Ngor Srun is recovering well in Thailand after being attacked with acid in Phnom Penh on Sunday, his sister-in-law, Chea Sam Ath, said Tuesday.
Although the acid hit Ngor Srun's face, his wounds are superficial and he should be able to return soon to Cambodia following medical treatment in Thailand, Chea Sam Ath said.
"I saw him on Sunday befo

KKL. More lights by night. Jean Nouvel

KKL. More lights by night. Jean Nouvel

As I'm too tired today to write something on my own, I prefer to copy the description provided by Jean Nouvel on his website for the KKL (Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern), in the Swiss city of Lucerne. What's better than the architect's point-of-view?

Lucerne sits at the end of a lake: the two parts of the city face each other across the water and look to the mountains beyond. The surrounding landscape, whether in summer or winter, creates a rich visual backdrop to the historically varied existing architecture and dense urban fabric of the city. A new building had therefore to begin from what Nouvel termed “a principle of inclusion”, in which the main element was the lake itself. If the building could not broach the shoreline, the lake would come to the building. Thus the backbone of the building is set away from the lake, and the three principal elements (the two concert halls and the conference center) reach out from the spine towards the lake, divided from each other at ground level by strips of water, a “water garden” in Nouvel's term, crossed by pedestrian bridges.

So, basically, the KKL is a giant cultural/music center with music halls, a conference center and a museum. The light scheme was developed by Ingo Maurer, and I can swear it was a remarkable work. I shouldn't say that we thought it was a shopping mall earlier in the morning :D

Nouvel's hand is anyway clear: the first thing I thought at seeing the projecting rooftop was the extension of the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, once again a work of the French architect.

HDR from three different exposures. I left the colors a bit oversaturated, both because I like them this way and to reproduce the visual satisfaction of the lighting effects.

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Technologic, by the Daft Punk (from the album Human After All, 2005, Virgin)

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da tire shop

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